Tuesday, 26 June, 2007


Often it seems, that in way of thinking about what is feasible and do-able, we decide that what will not drive us mad is what should be done. We have not done so as yet but we will end up compromising. We decide to settle, not for what the best is but what is slightly less. Not what is convenient but what is achievable…

Are we shortchanging ourselves?

We seem to go for what there is enough time for; we forget that there never is enough time for the best. We have to create it. Make it.

It of course depends on what our priorities are. Our own time, mind space, sleep.

What is our right, our duty, to the work we do, to the effort we put in…when what we get is not equal to the input, a disbalance is created. A discrepancy is there. Glaring us in the face, yet subtle…effecting the future.

But is it fair to worry so much about these things right now? Maybe when we have put in so much that we cant help but let go... or even then?

When we decide what to do, what not to do, what to take up, what not to. What should our first consideration be, then 2nd and 3rd?

An organization does not make itself up; it is made of the people. The YP is not about its name. It’s about the people who work in it. But what is more important. The name or the people who work in it?

For me it’s always easier to go with the flow, put my heart into it, believe in it. But when there is time to sit back and think. Dissatisfactions and hesitancies arise. Maybe some of them are groundless, not something I should put so much thought into.. but then again.. maybe some things do need to be thought of. Not argued out, or talked of but thought of…maybe thoughts exchanged. No answers, no methods of improvement or balances sought. A conscious voicing. Just that.

Ishita Sharma

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Shahnaz said...

left you hit pay dirt right you land yourself in a ditch straight and you head back to square one back and you hit a lamp post! Stand still for a second and you realise thats what you love the most the falls the drops the hate the hurt. My YP is that yours might be something else. An expression like the written word and like the images captured in a box! Ishita you provoke thought. Thanks!