Monday, 25 June, 2007

Blending Spectrum

Photographer: Aseem Suri

This was Aseem let loose with a camera the day we had a cricket match with the children at BlenSpec. Blending Spectrum, the project that engages young people to empower children living in the streets and slums of Delhi, whilst supporting organizations working in the field. The project works:

To bridge the existing gap between the interventions made by communities and the lack of resources/skills that impact their effectiveness.

Identify potential in children and connect them to schools, learning spaces and opportunities to develop life skills.

Increase sensitivity and promote a better connect and understanding between the homeless and the urban youth.

It’s a killer project. Fun. Challenging. Testing. Affirming. Run by a team of 20 young people. Anyone who would like to share their thoughts, time or resources should just email us at


Vishal said... feel alive..truly alive..awesome...Love the way you think.


Vishal said...
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ankush said...

just wannit to say..... m feeling ALIVE to b a part of BS