Monday, 25 June, 2007


Remember when it rained?

I tried to wash away the thoughts inside…

There have always been too many moments of trying to see where there was nothing to create. I have no fire in me. I just needed those possibilities to change.

Torrents of voices that have washed through my soul for years… corroding.

I feel hollow, in my need to be whole. Fighting for moments that were never mine, a space where the only part of me that meant much remained something I could never touch. In the quiet spaces of a room where I watched numbers struggle. For in those shadows we find stories. I find pieces of me and then I get lost again.

They say the future belongs to those who have a past.

I don’t need clarity. I demand comfort. For the revolutions growing inside me. My need to see, think, feel, act. My need to shout. To hear myself. Sometimes I think the most honest answers are the ones which sound the funniest when said out loud.


Whatever it may take…

Ishita C.

June 30, 2006

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dwiti said...

The most honest thoughts are the ones that most would not like to hear again... just the way the most honest moments are the ones you would never want repeated, much less , touched by anyone...