Wednesday, 10 December, 2008

What Does Your Vote Want?


As people, we need to create the change we want to see. Bother. To engage with the system. To challenge it. To change it.
To make a new one. To start an idea. To vote. You CAN vote.
Even if you don't hail from the city you're living or working in. Even if you don't have address proof. Even if you live in a hostel.

We need accountability. We demand good governance. Not excuses. We need active citizenship.
Where is the active citizen? Where are you?

We need your voice. We need you to care. Because if you don't and if everyone walks away, who will?
Register. Educate yourself about the elections.

Go Vote.

The YP Foundation, a youth non profit organization, supported by Channel V, LiveMint and DelhiEvents.Com, is running a Voter ID Registration Drive where we will help you fill up the Voter's id procurement form and help you with know-how on the submission process.

We're headed to Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Raipur and Kolkata.

We began in Delhi. Visited Hindu College, Hansraj College, Sri Ram College of Commerce, Jesus and Mary College and Gargi College and registered over 1700 people in Delhi alone. Over 812 of these were students. The rest brought together employees, families, rickshaw wallas, auto drivers and young professionals from across the city. And the numbers are still pouring it!

WE'RE STILL HELPING PEOPLE REGISTER! To register, join us or contact us with a passport size photograph and any one of the following documents:

1. Landline phone bill
2. Mobile phone bill
3. Water bill
4. Electricity bill
5. Property tax receipt
6. Bank statement
7. Passport
8. Ration card
9. House lease / rent agreement
10. LPG receipt
11. Driving license
12. Employee ID card


Students living in a hostel, not having an address proof only require to get a Student Declaration Form signed by your College Dean / Principal / Registrar and bring it with their form.

For Further details contact +91 9999099044 or

Please help us spread this message widely!

Recent Updates

COMING UP NEXT - What Does Your Vote Want Travels to Raipur! We are going to be in Raipur, Chhattisgarh on the 3rd and 4th of January. Check the attached poster for locations!

In the News! About our campaign at

Upcoming City Dates

Delhi: We’re now targeting offices and marketplaces. Next Dates: 22nd & 23rd January 2009.
Mumbai: We’re going to be there 28,29,30th January 2009.
Kolkata: We’re going to be there end Jan/begining Feb 2009.
Pune: We’re going to be here 1st – 8th February 2009.

Venues, Dates & Timings in each city will be posted soon.

For help with your Voters Id Registration Online – Contact Us at or +91 9999099044.

Don’t Wait – GO VOTE!

Monday, 8 December, 2008

Delhi Climate Leadership Training

The YP Foundation and the Indian Youth Climate Network (IYCN) are organising a two-day Delhi Climate Leadership Training on the 19th and 20th of December, 2008 at The American Center, K G Marg.

This is a two-day interactive session on climate change in the context of India, beginning with basic climate science and solutions and moving quickly into brainstorming Delhi-specific solutions, creating action plans for implementation, and media training to communicate successes. The program aims to create a support system for working groups by providing them with expert advice and skills enhancement trainings to kick start, develop and sustain their climate projects and get results.

The Indian Youth Climate Network and The YP Foundation, through this two-day programme aim to generate awareness and empower a generation of young people in Delhi to take effective action against climate change. We are looking forward to bring together a strong group of youth leaders -- leaders who will initiate and lead grassroots climate groups in their work, schools, colleges and communities; leaders who will organize and mobilize people and their climate projects at a local, national and international level; and leaders who will spread the message about the urgency of climate change and the great opportunity for each of us to create, communicate, celebrate and be climate solutions.

The only requirement to participate in this program is passion, belief and a desire in making India a cleaner, more equal, wealthier and more forward thinking nation.


For participation, you just need for the application form.
The last date for sending in forms is Monday, 15th December 2008.
For any queries, please contact +91 9818318359.

Please do forward this to friends who you think would be interested.

Saturday, 6 December, 2008


I choose to write this today, a week into the aftermath of series of horrendous events in Mumbai that claimed hundreds of lives and claimed the sanity of millions, nationwide and worldwide. Why have I written this today? That is a point I will return to shortly.

We are propelled by fear and anger, but this is a fear and anger that I cannot describe in words because it is mingled with an outrage against an injustice- that is not a part of lives otherwise. We all experience pain and loss; discrimination and condemnation; but the prolonged terror attack against our friends, families, people from our communities and if nothing else that we witnessed in Mumbai (mostly on live television), watching the people of our nation suffer- that leaves a mark on us. It rouses us from our otherwise mechanical mindsets. But that’s another problem, even for me, a technical error, a virus; they are quarantined, repaired or forgotten about.

The attacks saw worldwide condemnation. International governments were roused, at least visible in the words they offered.

Many are quick to condemn the candle walks and marches and symbolic displays of solidarity, they are usually people who have been on a candle march. Many of us have heated debates and discussions on the merits and manipulations of the situation, but how many of us carry our convictions even outside the room we challenge others. Not even in those rooms do our lingering voices echo our sincerity.

That is why I have chosen today, because today I am moved to speak. But, how long will these words linger? When will I be moved to say something again and when will I translate these words into something of durable substance? What will I do?

We need to open our eyes to the violence that is taking place worldwide, to the violence in our cities and the acts and crimes of unmentionable injustice in our villages and everywhere in our country, in Kashmir and in Orissa. We face injustices of every kind every single day and everywhere we go. It comes down to looking past the severity of how unfair one situation is in comparison with another, and about the severity of the action we intend to take. We constantly read and hear that the 20th century and the 21st century are possibly the safest times to have lived in, when considering wars, famines and disease. But looking just at 2008, especially as it draws to a rather sober close, it makes one critically look at that statement. The repercussions of climate change, economic recession, mounting poverty, current and impending wars and conflicts, not so sporadic acts of terror and violence- to name a few of our contemporary worldwide problems, to name a few of our intensely localized problems.

So many of us are moved to speak, but what are we going to do?

- Faith Gonsalves.