Monday, 1 October, 2007

Projects in 2007!

The Right to Information Programme

Project 20: Child Rights, Child Labour and Child Domestic Labour:

In collaboration with UNICEF, The YP Foundation is training a group of 12 Peer Facilitators to develop and conduct a series of awareness workshops aimed at 10-14 and 15-16 year olds in Schools in New Delhi. These workshops are going to be conducted in two sets per school over the months of September, October and November, culminating in a larger common event for all the students on the 14th of November. There will also be a smaller event on the 10th of October, to bring together realizations and outcomes of the first set of workshops. The project aims at establishing a connect with urban children to develop a sense of belongingness to the community and take responsibility and be active stakeholders thereby being active agents of social change. Exposing young people to different realities, helping them negotiate and engage in a healthy manner with the issue can catalyze this process.

The Facilitative Branch

Project 19: Understanding HIV/AIDS:

Project 19 focuses on a Peer Awareness Model where young people train over a period of 4-6 months to become Peer Facilitators on the issue of HIV/AIDS, focusing on awareness, information, treatment and care as primary areas of concern. The project also includes the development of 12 research case study projects by 12 young people currently in training who are presenting case study projects on the various aspects of Understanding HIV/AIDS and its impact beyond the rhetoric, on people’s lives. Two budding young filmmakers who have produced a 15 minute short film on ‘Sharing the Virus’, enacted, directed, produced and edited by 15 young people. The film touches upon the issues of contraction of HIV, ignorance of the urban educated, rejection faced by some HIV positive persons, their ways of “dealing with it” and the continued spread if HIV.

The Access Programme

VOICES – The School Project – Substance Abuse and Young People:

VOICES focuses on taking issues of urban importance to students, to provide them a comfortable space within which to provide enabling information, for children to make key decisions and strengthen their life skills. VOICES works with a tram of 22 young people, who train as Peer Facilitators to conduct awareness workshops in schools.

VOICES – The Intervention Programme – Peer Pressure Intervention:

The intervention section of VOICES, The Intervention Programme works over a period of time with the faculty and students of a school on issues relating to peer pressure, bullying, interpreting popular media and self esteem. The project is run by a team of 6 Peer Trainers with extensive training on the issue.

Blending Spectrum

Possibilities that empower street children: Blending Spectrum works with three flexible and sustainable models (at the New Delhi Railway Station, Nizamuddin Basti and Sarai Hostel) in collaboration with the NGO Aman Biradiri to facilitate the growth of a child with limited access to opportunities. Working through the mediums of training, field interventions and research, the needs of a community are identified and the corresponding resource providers are located and engaged through an interactive process. The project works through urban young people involved in a peer-to-peer facilitation process with street children with the following aims:

· To bridge the existing gap between the interventions made by communities and the lack of resources/skills that impact their effectiveness.

· Identify potential in children and connect them to schools, learning spaces and opportunities to develop life skills.

· Increase sensitivity and promote a better connect and understanding between the homeless and the urban youth.

Kaivalya – Understanding Transgender and Sexuality

The project works through engaging young people in research projects, community interaction and participating in sensitization based programmes to understand Gender and Sexuality, with the specific aim of providing an interactive platform to increase awareness on transgender issues.

· The Research Branch

· Substance Abuse and Young People – Training Methodologies

· Child Rights, Child Labour and Child Domestic Labour – Training of Trainers Manual

· Understanding HIV/AIDS: Awareness, Care and Treatment – Research Manual

· Kaivalya – Respecting Identity – Research Manual on Transgender


Arts & Music Education and Awareness

Silhouette launches a year long project to create stronger respect for the Arts in Delhi and a better understanding of Music Education. The project includes a workshop series on music, a concert series that promote upcoming genres of music, an Arts Campaign, a Theatre Production and curating The 15 Minute Fringe Festival, a two day festival that celebrates amateur and professional artists from across the city.

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