Monday, 1 October, 2007

TYPF's Stratefic Plan for 2007 - 2009.

An intensive focus in the first half of this year has been an assessment of our due diligence process, our stakeholder analysis and an in depth action research process for all our staff and volunteers, to better understand the issues we are working with. We have focused on:

1. Organizational Visioning: Mission, Vision, Goals (Articulation and Strategies)

2. The YP’s Vision for Working with Young People.

3. Exploring Fundraising Strategies and Project Management Skills.

4. Visioning and Development: Social Outreach/ Impact Analysis.

5. Developing Team Building and Inter Personal Working Ethics.

The organization’s exclusive focus over the next 2 years is committed to building and engaging with the following issues to create stronger, constructive and practical impact.

· The Performing and Visual Arts: Creating stronger platforms to showcase young artistes and developing resources to exchange information and raise awareness on music education and the arts.

· The Law: Stronger engagement with legislative research, increased awareness on laws in India and their application to our daily lives and engaging with the government to create a more public dialogue for young people.

· Substance Abuse and HIV/AIDS: Provide easier access to and a stronger understanding of counseling, addiction and intervention for children with regards to Substance Abuse. Increase young people’s access to information on HIV/AIDS and examining care and treatment facilities and policies in India.

· Education and Health Services for Street Children: To bridge the existing gap between the interventions made by communities and the lack of resources/skills that impact their effectiveness. Identify potential in children and connect them to schools, learning spaces and opportunities to develop life skills.

· Life Skills Development & Curriculum: We are working on an alternative curriculum process within the schooling system, to encourage stronger communication between parents, teachers and students. Additionally, we are launching The Workshop Series - A programme series dedicated to working and developing life skills within young people. The series literally gives people a workshop environment where they re-create and analyze issues of pressure, depression, body images and the media, eating disorders and a how to help your friend series.

· Open Forums and Pilot Projects: We will continue to support short term intervention and awareness projects on issues that are pertinent to young people, designed and executed by them.

· Gender and Sexuality: Engaging young people in research projects, community interaction and participating in intervention based programmes to create a stronger understanding Gender and Sexuality, with the specific aim of providing an interactive platform for young people with their families.

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