Wednesday, 17 October, 2007

CLAP 2007!

They do not heed to voices saying that they are too young,

They do not point their finger at somebody else,

They do not believe that they are incapable of making a difference,

On 27 October, we invite you to applaud twenty four special young boys and girls.

Date: 27 October
Time: 4:30 pm
Venue: Rang Manch, Bal Bhavan, ITO, Delhi

Meet the likes of Behro Lal Jangid, who assisted a girl escape child marriage in Rajasthan, Kalyani Pal, a St.Paul’s student and an environmental crusader who has influenced her school to conserve energy, Sudhamsu Krishnan who spread awareness about farmer suicides and Radha Sarkar who started an educational project in her school.

See their stories in vivid splashes of theatre, art and colour. Listen to their individual stories, triumphs and challenges. Sing along with Manchale – a group of children and volunteers from Kutumb Foundation.

We believe that together, the difference we make as active citizens is tremendous, and the time to get started is NOW!

Neha Naqvi, 9810280699

CLAP is a collaboration between Pravah, Sanskriti School and the Ford Foundation. It recognizes young people between the ages of 13-17 who have independently led initiatives for a social cause or community benefit. The programme offers an intensive residential training workshop, a cash prize for collective use of Rs. 5,000 and recognition at a public event.

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