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Vikalp – Searching for Alternatives: A Youth Festival for Social Change!

Venue Partners: The American Center, India Habitat Centre and Management Development Institute

Media Partners: HIT 95 FM, DelhiEvents.Com and Tehelka Magazine

200 young people. 20 organizations. 1 Day.

Challenging. Understanding. Connecting. Inspiring!

‘Vikalp – Searching for Alternatives’ is a youth forum for social change for you to promote youth led dialogue and action in India.

The forum on November 14, 2009 will bring together young change makers to share best practices and examine strategies on how young people can build youth action in an inclusive and cohesive manner. Vikalp will focus on the four specific issues of gender and sexuality, education, disability and HIV/AIDS.

Vikalp is conceptualized by UNESCO, The YP Foundation and UNFPA, and will run from 10am to 10.00pm on the 14th of 2009 at The American Center and India Habitat Centre, New Delhi.

The festival will feature capacity building sessions, round table consultations, film, art, photography and music as well as You Speak: An Art Exhibition and Vikalp: A National Film Festival and Concert, featuring The Raghu Dixit Project LIVE! At the Amphitheatre, India Habitat Centre.

Children’s Day is a significant day for the city to come together to support positive dialogue on inspiring and building young people’s skills.

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Festival Schedule

Part 1 - Time: 10am-6pm

Venue: The American Centre

Registration & Opening: 10.00 am

Young People and Gender in HIV & AIDS Responses

Time: 10.30 am-11.30 am

Share models of how you intersectionalities between HIV & AIDS and Gender in youth led or youth focused peer education work. The session aims at highlighting key challenges, best practices as well as provoke thought on how work with young people on HIV & AIDS and Gender and be more inclusive as well as effective.

The Road Less Taken - Urban and Rural Youth Routes for Change

Time: 12.00noon-1.00 pm

Creating interactions between diverse youth groups from both rural and urban backgrounds to share the strategy, challenges and relevance of their work. The session aims at highlighting multiple models employed, lessons learnt as well as potential collaborations and partnerships that are needed, to create sustainable youth networks.

Break for Lunch: 1.00pm-2.00pm (We apologize, lunch cannot be provided as part of the forum!)

Teach Whom? Innovative Strategies for Working with Young People

Time: 2.15 pm-3.15 pm

Individuals and institutions that work with education challenge what it means to different groups of young people. Examining multiple strategies used in formal as well as non formal spaces, the aim of the session is to share existing strategies; examining successes and failures, to understand the possibilities of where mainstream and non formal education can intersect. We hope to challenge and refresh, methodologies for teaching as well as the contexts in which young people work.

The ‘Beauty’ of Perception – Sexuality, Disability and Young People

Time: 3.30pm- 4.30pm

How do we see Sexuality and Disability? How does youth led work understand or include the intersectionalities between both in the work that they do? Sharing different models of work being done by diverse activists, researchers and organisations. It also attempts to understand the challenges of accessing sexuality education and training for disabled people, in an attempt to highlight the way forward in maintstreaming the sexual and reproductive rights of disabled youth in India’s programmes and policies.

Special Session: The Elephant In the Room: Finding Youth Friendly Funding

Time: 5pm - 6pm

This is a pre registered session for interested youth led organisations, bringing together donor and funders for an honest and open conversation on the how, where, when, what and why of funding decisions for youth led work in India. We hope to highlight key strategies and pointers for accessing institutional and corporate funding and create a open and interactive exchange of thought, opinions and strategies for supporting youth work in the country. To register, email us at

Capacity Building Sessions (these sessions will run parallel to the 4 roundtable sessions)

Think Out of That BoxDesigning and Managing Youth Led Projects

(Facilitator: Akshay Sharma, The YP Foundation) Time: 11.30am - 12.30 pm

The Tao of Scale - Scaling Youth Led Work in India

(Facilitated by Surya Prakash Loonker, Catalyst) Time: 2.00 pm-3.00 pm

Taking IT Online - Online strategies for youth work

(Facilitated by Surenderan, India Youth Climate Network) Time: 3.15pm - 4.15 pm

Part 2: Vikalp – The Film Festival & Concert

Venue: The India Habitat Center, Lodhi Road

Time: 7.00 pm- 10.30 pm

A National Film Festival and Music Concert that highlights, challenges and ponders on our understanding of disability, education, sexuality, gender, rights and HIV & AIDS, featuring The Raghu Dixit Project LIVE!

You Speak: Art & Photography Exhibition / 7.00pm

Vikalp – Film Screenings /


Koshish - Dir. Mohit Gupta / 02:21 mins
Story about Koshish, an NGO working in Delhi with urban street and slum children.

Felicia - Dir: Surya Balakrishnan /13:12 mins
The film narrates the true story of Felicia, a 9-year-old girl, sold by her father into prostitution. Rescued by a police officer, the film is a recollection of Felicia's memories.

Flying Inside My Body - Dir: Sushmit Ghosh, Rintu Thomas, Sumit Sharma, Ajeeta Chowhan/ 35:34 mins
Flying Inside My Body explores how the form of the body can become a powerful physical language to express dissent over societal norms and conventions.

Being Male, Being KotiDir: Mahuya Banduopadhyay / PSBT/ 30 mins
Shot in Kolkata, the film explores the experience of growing up gender variant and not being able to understand, let alone explain the difference. The experience of a world where there is 'no one quite like me' is an intensely lonely, fractured and troubled one.

Children of the Same God Dir: Nupur Bansal /03:14 mins
A young girl’s moment of inspiration whilst volunteering at a hostel for orphaned boys.

Vikalp – The Concert/ Featuring The Raghu Dixit Project LIVE! / 9.00pm

Entry to both venues is free. Please carry a valid photo ID to enter the American Center.

Queries/Roses/Brickbats: or +91 11 46792243/44

Vikalp – Searching for Alternatives.

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