Saturday, 28 November, 2009

In Loving Memory Of.

With the deepest of grief, we share with you the loss of someone who has brought immense life, joy and colour to our core at TYPF.

We lost Purple Malik today morning, after a brief and highly unexpected struggle with Blood Cancer two days ago. Purple came to us two years ago, as a young college student and journalist, and we have known her in multiple roles since, as a Friend, Graphic Designer, Events Curator, Staff Member, Colleague amongst many others.

We are at a loss at what to say, other than the fact that her voice and her art are still etched so clearly infront of us, when we look at the voice she gave our work through these past two years, in her digital story, her art work, 2 years worth of 4am online conversations on everything from poster designs to sound to our future dreams. She always took us to new heights, with her trademark intense hard work and easy going nature, becoming a part of each of us in different ways.

I last spoke with Purple a few days ago. She was taking some time off to heal and take care of herself, and mentioned to me that in these past few months that had been hard and challenging for her, coming to YP to all of you, kept her going and had helped her cope. 'It's been my happy space' are words that still resound in my mind. I feel somewhere, she would have wanted everyone at TYPF to know that.

We know and love Purple for her wild eccentricities, her brilliantly curious mind, her vision of the world, her sense of humour, her individualistic sense of dressing, the strikingly talented artist she is and her poetic heart. Some of my most life changing conversations and arguments, in art, on life have been with Purple, at early morning hours of working together, almost every second day for weeks on end in the last two years. She taught me how to see life a little differently, a second vision that we found in her art and in her hopes and dreams for what she wanted to do.

We cannot imagine not having her with us anymore. She is so many things for so many people, and this institution owes her so very much. We wish that she finds peace and knows how much she is loved, and how much we owe her, for how she brought us together and the laughter and light she brought to this organization.

We will keep you informed of when there is a prayer meeting held for her, TYPF is planning to hold a meeting at a time her family finds appropriate, where the organization can come together. We're also setting up a wall in office that's going to be hers, with messages for her, her art work, with the spirit that's just uniquely Purple, so do feel free to share any thoughts and messages you'd like to.

We also want to acknowledge Purple and highlight her video and art work at our upcoming concert in December, she was to have been the graphic artist who was going to design our first institutional brochure and it was a project that she and I had been working on for many weeks now, she was incredibly excited about it.

We celebrate and miss her, she will always be the most beautiful part of us.

- Ishita C.

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