Saturday, 12 April, 2008

Shades of Death & God by Silhouette

Silhouette recently completed a project in March 2008 in collaboration with The American Centre and Traffic Life Magazine, that showcased two of the city's upcoming, young talented theatre troupes - Prospect Wide Aisle and Verbum, the Dramatics Society of Sri Venkateswara College to feature their interpretations of 'Death' and 'God' by Woody Allen.

The event saw a packed audience thoroughly enjoying both troupe's renditions of Allen's Plays. The project was originally conceptualized a few months earlier, when Anirudh, a University student and a Director at Verbum, approached Silhouette with the concept in mind. The project is part of Silhouette's annual mandate to create stronger platforms that showcase young artistes and build resources to exchange information and raise awareness on music, theatre and arts education opportunities for young people in India.

Congratulations to the TYPF Staff, Verbum and Prospect Wide Aisle!

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