Sunday, 13 April, 2008

Annual Board Meeting - TYPF 2008.

TYPF had its annual board meeting on Sunday, April 13, 2008. The meeting was held at The YP Foundation's office - D 344, Defence Colony at 2.30pm. Minutes of the meeting will be made available soon.

Members Present

1. Ms. Ishita Chaudhry, Managing Trustee, TYPF
2. Ms. Shahnaz Siganporia, Board of Trustees, TYPF
3. Mrs. Arshiya Sethi, Board of Trustees, TYPF
4. Ms. Vidyun Sabhaney, Head - Trainers Cell, (Organizational Development Committee - Senior Management Team)
5. Ms. Bhamati Sivapalan, Meeting Minutes

The agenda for the meeting covered the following:

1. Call to Order
– Review of Governance Rules from Memorandum of Association

2. Consideration of Agenda for Meeting.

3. Review of 2007 Annual Calendar & Impact Based Analysis

4. Review of Management, Financial and Administrative Changes
a. Governance and Staff Manual (Credibility Norms Review)
b. Appointment of new members and formating of Working Board of TYPF.
c. Organizational Development Committee - Structural Review

5. Strategic Focus 2008 - Draft Review and Recommendations

6. Fundraising Plan 2008 - 2009

7. Annual Training Retreat 2008

8. Volunteer, Staff and Board - Feedback Assessment

Future Meeting Dates


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