Monday, 21 September, 2009

What Does Your Vote Want? Help Us Know!

The Right to Information Branch is a division of the The YP Foundation that develops young people’s engagement with legislative process and increases their awareness of laws and policies in India. We help young people apply the law more effectively to their daily lives.

Our current project is called ‘What Does Your Vote Want? - Exploring the RTI Act’. We aim to generate awareness on how young people can utilize the act, as well as how it can be made more accessible to young people. By incorporating the inputs of key stakeholders, experts, and the youth, The YP Foundation will help young people in Delhi file RTI Applications and create a more regular dialogue with the government, promoting the concept of active citizenship and accountability amongst young people and the government.

The following link is to a survey where we are trying to learn more about what kind of accountability young people are looking for post elections, from the 2009 Government at national and local levels, as well as what they do and don’t understand about the system of voting.


The document is a word document and once filled, can be emailed back to We appreciate your taking the time out to do this! (Should you do it ☺ )

Your responses will be used to design our Right to Information programme for young people (16 - 25 years) this year, so by participating you will effectively ensure we are designing an effective response, based on young people's needs.

Please help us spread word!


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- Asghar Ali Engineer, South Asian Youth Peace Meet 2009

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