Saturday, 11 July, 2009

TYPF Birthday Teaser

What happens when you take forty young people, put them in a room, and let them design projects about the issues that matter to them?

What happens when you give young people the skills and the self-belief to actually make a difference to the world around them?

What happens when you try to bottle the madness, the creativity, and the excitement with which the youth works, and use it to inspire others?

What makes so many young people come and work insane hours, day after day, despite how much it annoys their families and friends?

We, The YP Foundation, have been doing it for seven years now, and we discover a new answer for these questions each year, with every new team and with every new project. TYPF is a space where young people are given a chance to design and run projects about the issues that they’re passionate about. These issues range from governance and the law to sexuality, health, rights and HIV/AIDS; from original music in India to adolescent issues in schools; from using film and literature for social change to working with urban slum children.

We first used to be The Youth Parliament, now we’re registered as The YP Foundation, and we’re turning seven this July. And on this occasion, we have taken a stab at defining what The YP means. What it means to our staff, to our volunteers, to our alumni, to our stakeholders and to our audience.

So, come join us in celebrating seven years of our work, seven years of social change, and see the evolving answers to the questions we posed in the beginning of this post.

Venue: India Habitat Centre
Date: 25th and 26th July, 2009

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Hey guys!!

Warm greetings!

I really appreciate the kinds of initiatives you guys have taken so far and wish to contribute as far as possible on my part. I am a young professional and shall be greatful if you allow me to stand by you guys.

Keep up the good work.

Kind regards,

Gautam Talukdar