Wednesday, 8 July, 2009

Current Projects

A few of the projects that are currently functioning in the YP are:

1. The Blending Spectrum Project which works with providing healthcare and non-formal education in the form of certain life-skills training (hygiene, memory etc) to urban street children in Delhi. We work with a team of 30 volunteers and reach out to over 110 children over our two locations: the Nizamuddin Basti (South Delhi) and the Sarai Hostel (North Delhi).

2. Project 19 is a 3 year long initiative set up to work with young people on the issues of HIV/AIDS and Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights. By training young people in Delhi to conduct awareness workshops and discussions around issues of sexuality, gender, identity and sexual reproductive health we are helping to break down the culture of silence and taboo around these issues and provide spaces where accurate information can be disseminated to young people.

3. The Butterfly Project provides young film-makers and writers with the training, resources and platforms to engage with socio-cultural issues through audio-visual and written mediums. Through the publication of our magazine, The Bridge and our annual film festival - The Film Series, we provide young people with alternative mediums to connect with issues they are passionate about and work towards social change and justice.

4. The RTI Programme provides young people with a space to engage with the legislative systems in our country, demystifying the laws, their application and the political process as a whole with the larger aim of encouraging a culture of active citizenship amongst the youth. The project undertaken by this branch is What Does Your Vote Want?, a non-partisan, non-political initiative set up to prepare young people for the upcoming General Elections, be it by providing them with the necessary information required to get registered as a voter, or by creating dialogue for young people to discus issues around politics, governance and voting.

5. VOICES - The School Project looks at taking the education programmes for school students beyond the formal structure of the classroom by conducting specialized awareness workshops on issues of peer-pressure, bullying and mental heath. Through these workshops, conducted by college students who act as peer-educators, VOICES aims at developing an informed decision making capacity and stronger life skills for adolescent students in urban Delhi schools.

6. Silhouette supports young people working in the fields of performing and visual arts by providing them with a platform to showcase their work, and a space to exchange ideas, information and innovation between artists, amateurs, professionals and enthusiasts. This year, Silhouette is focusing on issues of music education and careers in music through conducting workshops and organizing performance platforms.

More information about these projects will be available soon, please subscribe via email for further updates.


Rishi said...

hey.. i m a student from kurukshetra university. n would like to be an active member in such activities..

have been a part of many women education n adult education in the report parts of haryana near panipat area where my college is.

so i would like to be ab member and work for the bigger projects with a better set of ppl. as i have came to know abt u guys

so i would like to get a reply soon

pallavi said...

I am a management student doing PGDM, from IILM,Greater Noida. I would like to be an active member for your NGO.

Kindly revert back if any role is available as per my situation.

Shivi Anand said...

am a navigator living in vaishali, gzb. am back on vacation until october end and would like to participate in one of your projects. please advise if its feasible
Thanks and best regards

Ishita Chaudhry said...

hey guys, just call us at 011 46792244.


ABISHEK said...

im working in a private firm nd would like to be an active member of your NGO in Kolkata..There is a place in West Bengal where there is lot of poverty.the place is Murshidabad.i Would love to do something good for the people there n require ur assistance..

tuhins said...

i am a student pursuing btech from jp university, i am very intrested in your campaigns and projects.
i would like to be a member and work for yp.
how can i be a part and or play a role in yp, if possible

Deepika said...

I am a Delhi University student. I would love to be a part of the YP if possible.

Kindly revert back if i can be og any help.