Wednesday, 10 December, 2008

What Does Your Vote Want?


As people, we need to create the change we want to see. Bother. To engage with the system. To challenge it. To change it.
To make a new one. To start an idea. To vote. You CAN vote.
Even if you don't hail from the city you're living or working in. Even if you don't have address proof. Even if you live in a hostel.

We need accountability. We demand good governance. Not excuses. We need active citizenship.
Where is the active citizen? Where are you?

We need your voice. We need you to care. Because if you don't and if everyone walks away, who will?
Register. Educate yourself about the elections.

Go Vote.

The YP Foundation, a youth non profit organization, supported by Channel V, LiveMint and DelhiEvents.Com, is running a Voter ID Registration Drive where we will help you fill up the Voter's id procurement form and help you with know-how on the submission process.

We're headed to Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Raipur and Kolkata.

We began in Delhi. Visited Hindu College, Hansraj College, Sri Ram College of Commerce, Jesus and Mary College and Gargi College and registered over 1700 people in Delhi alone. Over 812 of these were students. The rest brought together employees, families, rickshaw wallas, auto drivers and young professionals from across the city. And the numbers are still pouring it!

WE'RE STILL HELPING PEOPLE REGISTER! To register, join us or contact us with a passport size photograph and any one of the following documents:

1. Landline phone bill
2. Mobile phone bill
3. Water bill
4. Electricity bill
5. Property tax receipt
6. Bank statement
7. Passport
8. Ration card
9. House lease / rent agreement
10. LPG receipt
11. Driving license
12. Employee ID card


Students living in a hostel, not having an address proof only require to get a Student Declaration Form signed by your College Dean / Principal / Registrar and bring it with their form.

For Further details contact +91 9999099044 or

Please help us spread this message widely!

Recent Updates

COMING UP NEXT - What Does Your Vote Want Travels to Raipur! We are going to be in Raipur, Chhattisgarh on the 3rd and 4th of January. Check the attached poster for locations!

In the News! About our campaign at

Upcoming City Dates

Delhi: We’re now targeting offices and marketplaces. Next Dates: 22nd & 23rd January 2009.
Mumbai: We’re going to be there 28,29,30th January 2009.
Kolkata: We’re going to be there end Jan/begining Feb 2009.
Pune: We’re going to be here 1st – 8th February 2009.

Venues, Dates & Timings in each city will be posted soon.

For help with your Voters Id Registration Online – Contact Us at or +91 9999099044.

Don’t Wait – GO VOTE!


Hareesha said...

Nice initiative...

हृदयेंद्र प्रताप सिंह said...

dear frineds, this is hridayendra, a journalist by profession, really like ur work, dedication and courage.....i want to join ur group....could u tell me more about ur group...and tell me how to take membership of yp foundation.......pls mail me with detail... at


priyesh said...

hellow , i'm priyesh , i want & need & should join YP , plz tell me how. rohanjit of your organisation said,"the fact that i can make a difference automatically means that i should". i read this thought of rohanjit yesterday in TOI. his statement inspired me becoz i have some of thoughts and ideas which are particularly meant for ur organisation. plz. inform me soon, otherwise i would feel you have ignored me. priyesh ojha
, collede std.

The YP Foundation (TYPF) said...

Hey Guys,

You can email and they'll help you join ASAP!

Thanks a ton for your support!

jaya said...

Since i am working i can't make to any of the venues mentioned on the given dates. Is there any alternate way i can apply for the Voters ID card through you? Maybe send the documents by post? Kindly advise.

jaya said...


Since i am working i can't make it to any of the mentioned venues on the given dates. Is there any alternate way for applying for Voter's ID card through you? Can i post my documents or fill a form online? pls advise.

The YP Foundation (TYPF) said...

Hi Jaya,

I can completely understand where you're coming from. On the 21,22,23rd of Dec - we're helping working people fill out all of their forms. Just call Rajneil at 9999099044 and he will help you out for next week. Do reference this post and my reply to it.


Ishita Chaudhry.

Jason said...

Definately a nice intiative to encourage people for voting. But..
Just a thought.. Y should'nt we take it from here.. instead of relying on the oldies who are running the presently running the country.. Think about as even im.. it.. and if you come up with something.. lemme know.. Im for it..