Saturday, 18 October, 2008

The Bridge: Understanding Afghanistan Today

Articles, reports, creative writing, photos and art- work wanted!

Dear All!

Your writing, photographs or art will be featured in the --- edition of The Bridge, a multi-lingual publication in English, Persian and Pushto.

The YP Foundation (TYPF), a young people’s organization based in New Delhi, is conceptualizing a cultural exchange programme on Promoting Peace Building Processes for Afghani and Indian Young People living in New Delhi.

Just take a look at the topics and questions below, and get started!

Even if you’re never written before, give it a shot! We would appreciate new writers and artists joining us!

Do the media show the true Afghanistan? Do internationally acclaimed books and films about Afghanistan misrepresent the Afghan people and their culture?

How much do we know about Afghan history and Indo- Afghan relations?

What problems do Afghan students face in Delhi- discrimination, stereotyping, segregation?

Discovering Afghan and Indian culture- Collaboration. What does it mean to YOU?


• What's the Deadline? December 15th, 2008
• What's the word limit? Entries for reports/articles/ short stories should be from under 1000 words
• Can I re-post something I've already written? Yes! Previously published work is acceptable
• What if I have other questions? No problem! Write to us at Call 9818453347


• You can register with our organization, The YP Foundation (send an email to

• To make sure you receive our updates, please register with us (send an email to, or join us on our Facebook group- The YP Foundation or The Youth Parliament.


1 comment:

Vanessa said...

As per my view, yes media have to show true afghan and please don’t misuse their culture, media have to think about Afghan and represent their positive behavior, positive culture, their festivals etc.
Next answer is yes our education department has to think about Afghan history. For a long time we are culturing on British history but now we have to involve in afghan history.
And last answer is they face a lot of problem in Delhi because our rules culture and everything is differing from Afghan.