Friday, 16 May, 2008

Delhi Youth Summit on Climate

Inviting young people and young professionals

“Come Write the Future”: Delhi Youth Charter on Climate
Delhi Youth Summit on Climate
May 2008

Organizer: Indian Youth Climate Network
Sponsor: Lead India
In partnership with: The YP Foundation, Forda, Teen Murti Bhavan & UNESCO

Date : May 28th and 29th 2008
Time : 9:30 am onwards
Venue : Teen Murti Bhavan (Nehru Memorial Museum & Library)
Age Group : 18 – 30 years

Climate change poses the single largest threat to the future of humanity. Scientific reports are now indicating that to slow down the effects of a run-away climate catastrophe, carbon emissions must not exceed 350ppm. In the wake of this threat, nations around the world are grappling for solutions to establishing pathways to low carbon economies to avoid a wave of mass planetary extinction.

Though we may attempt to fix the problems technologically, it is widely acknowledged that real solutions will only come from changes in lifestyle.

Lifestyles are greatly impacted by none other than the planning of cities—the rise of which gave birth to “civilization.” The unsustainable use of local resources has also in the past lead to the collapse of entire city states. Thus to tackle climate change and the challenges it poses to already struggling developing economies, we must address development issues at the city level.

Many cities around the world are already planning vigorously to reduce emissions and adopt efficient use of energy and resources. In the United States alone, nearly 800 cities have pledged to sign the Kyoto Protocol and ensure that emissions from those cities meet the international targets.

Delhi, the seat of power of the world’s largest democracy makes little mention to climate change in its Master Plan 2021.

With the capital very much under construction in its attempt to become a “world class city,” there is much to be done to incorporate mitigation and adaptation to the changing climate now, while there is still time. Young people must have their voices heard to ensure their policy perspectives are incorporated in the plans of the decision makers of the city. The Delhi Youth Summit on Climate aims to bring together the youth of Delhi, to begin the dialog on Delhi’s fate in the wake of climate change. In addition the summit will hammer out a Delhi Youth Charter on Climate: how Delhi can adapt to and mitigate in response to climate change.

We encourage you to join us and be part of the process!

For further information and participation, click the following link.


N. Rathnasree said...

There is an ongoing program of measuring light pollution using simple star counts and raising of awareness about wasteful energy usage for outdoor lighting, and the resulting light pollution. This program is happening right inside the complex where this Youth Summit is to take place. At the Nehru Planetarium, inside the Teen Murti Bhavan. Many school children and college students are participating in this program. If some space is given in this summit for talking about these efforts and raising awareness about light pollution, that is taking away the inspiration that the night skies give, from our city children, it would be very nice.

Please see the related wiki setup for this, called Taarewiki (it shows up in google)

Rathnasree (rathnasree(< @ >)

The YP Foundation said...

Hi, thank you for that feedback! Could we please suggest that you approach Sreepriya Balakrishnan at - since she is part of the core team organizing? We are sure she will incorporate your feedback into the programme! Thank you!

Deepali Rathod said...


I got to know abt YP Foundation through one of the programs on CNN IBN & was very impressed by the way it has evolved.

I am Deepali Rathod ,currently working as a Business Analyst in Hyderaad. I would like to be a member of the organisation that encourages people to take environment and socially responsible decisions. I am keenly interested in the area of Sustainable Development & would like to shift my present stream & work in this area. But I am unable to get the right approach & would like to know if there are any training programs available across the country & also if I can volunteer for any of your projects.