Monday, 25 May, 2009

Staff Positions at TYPF - Call for Applications

The YP Foundation (established as The Youth Parliament in 2002 with support from the India Habitat Centre and registered as The YP Foundation in 2007) is a volunteer based non-profit organization that is committed to developing the uninhibited expression of young people.

Our primary objective is to support innovative ventures by young people by developing their skills and ideas to create projects and programmes that create social impact. We work with the age group of 16 to 28, empowering volunteers to develop their potential to reach others.

This year, we have decided to open our staff positions for application. We are currently looking for applicants to fill posts in our Senior Management, Management and Programme Divisions teams:

Requirements for all applicants:

1. Applicants must be over 17 years of age.
2. Applicants should preferably be Delhi-based or else be available to work in Delhi throughout the year.
3. Applicants must have a reasonable command over Hindi and English.
4. Applicants must have an inclination towards working with social issues for young people.
5. The term of each post is for 1.5 – 2 years. (Negotiable)
6. Applicants who meet the above requirements need to fill out an application form, post that all applicants will be called in for an interview.
7. Interview dates are 4,5,6th of June 2009. You need to be available one of those days.

Please send in your applications by June 1st 2009. For the application form and posts available, please contact us at

The YP Foundation,
D 344, Defence Colony,
New Delhi

M. +91 9810283653.

If you’re passionate, creative, hard working, have the time and have always wanted a chance to run your own initiative, team or project – apply!

Please help us spread word!

Sunday, 17 May, 2009

What Does Your Vote Want? featured on BBC.

BBC's Audio Stories recently featured The YP Foundation's What Does Your Vote Want Campaign this year. You can watch the audio story at - .

The What Does Your Vote Want Campaign will continue this year to help recently registered youth voters dialogue with the newly elected government on what their priority issues and agenda is. We want to inculcate a culture of young people holding their elected leaders responsible for promises made before the election and be an active part of governance processes in their city.

To suggest an agenda, contribute, donate or participate, email us at . Or post your ideas here!

Tuesday, 12 May, 2009

7 Digital Stories from TYPF's Staff

In Jan 2009, The YP Foundation worked with the Global Fund for Children and the Center for Digital Storytelling and conducted a digital media workshop with 7 staff members.

The idea was to give YP staff a chance to capture what it means - to them - to be part of a youth led and run machinery - that creates projects and works with the aspirations of other young people.

Meet 7 of our event managers, graphic designers, project heads, admin liaisons and video volunteers. Our core staff.

They’ve worked with young people to facilitate a range of projects, from the rights of the transgender community, health and education programmes for slum children, life skills workshops with adolescents, music programming, film festivals on breaking stereotypes, volunteer management to sexual rights and reproductive health workshops.

They are fundraisers, administrators, trainers, documenters, managers and peer educators, all rolled into a crazy mix of 40 young people who run The YP Foundation.

How do you see The YP from within?

These are their stories.